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Legend of Heroes Megaways

Legend of Heroes Megaways Some say superheroes blossomed in the public consciousness during the 1930s-1940s in what was called the Golden Age of Comic Books. Superman hit the scene in 1938, kickstarting the friendly rivalry between DC and Marvel, which continues down to this day. However, heroes have been around for far longer than that, perhaps ever since humans stood upright on two legs and began grunting at each other in an attempt to coordinate mammoth hunts. Fast forward a few years from then, and we come to the world of Legend of Heroes Megaways, an online slot from developer Pragmatic Play, packed with tumbles, Big Wilds, and free spins with an optional extra gamble element.

Sticking with the superhero angle just a little bit longer, like the way DC and Marvel have been accused of copying each other's work, Legend of Heroes Megaways is a copy of its own. Beneath the shiny, hero-laden veneer, the guts of the game have almost all been ripped from a previous Pragmatic Play slot titled Power of Thor Megaways. They've disguised it pretty well, though. Legend of Heroes Megaways drips with home-brand heroes in an intriguing gear-ridden world, where they're… doing heroic things presumably, though what exactly that might be is not elucidated on. Are they goodies, baddies, on the same side, enemies? Your guess is as good as ours. It's all a bit confusing, actually, but whatever it is they're up to, they're doing it in typically eye massaging Pragmatic Play style.


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